Friday, June 24, 2016

Goodies Packages -- Back in Stock!!

 Happy Friday!!

    I want to take a moment to send out a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has purchased my new "Purple Packages"!! -- They've turned out to be a huge hit and I'm also very happy to say that ALL the feedback has been wonderful.  Special thanks to those of you who have left comments here.  I truly makes me smile to know how pleased you have all been with your orders!  

    I'm also happy to announce that all three sizes  are now back in stock, with limited quantities in each size.    My goal will be to try and always have a least one of each size available.  However, some days they sell so fast, I honestly can't keep up!  -- Thank you again for the wonderful response!

 "Purple Packages" - Available in Three Sizes

Small - USPS Priority Mail - Padded Flat Rate Envelope for $35.00
Medium- USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Size Box for $60.00
Large -  USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box for $85.00

Prices include FREE SHIPPING and USPS Tracking 
    I use USPS Flat Rate products and ship to the USA ONLY!!   Please keep in mind that I am paying all the shipping costs and the PayPal fess and those charges are reflected in my pricing.   Each package is still a great value and I have had excellent feedback from everyone who has already made purchases.  All orders are processed and payable through PayPal

    The "Purple Packages" sale page has now been updated so that you can easily purchase packages with the new PayPal Buttons.   This feature has been a huge time saver and also allows me to easily keep track of the quantity currently available, and saves me from having to manually send an invoice for each sale.   I hope you'll also find it easier to makes purchases. 

    ALL packages will contain a variety of Craft Goodies including items like:  Card-stock, Patterned Papers/Pads, Card Bases and Envelopes, Rubber Stamps, (Sets and Individual Stamps), Steel Dies, Embellishments (Flowers, Bling, Glitters), Paper Punches, Adhesives/Tapes, Embossing Products, Ink Pads, Ink Refills, Paints, Sprays, Markers and Stencils basically, all kinds of Paper-crafting items.   I am selling two rooms full of goodies and have a wonderful assortment of products from the leading craft manufacturers.    Please keep in mind that I can not take "Special Orders", or provide itemized lists of what is in each package, but I promise to do my very best to put together full packages that I think you'll be very happy with.    Additionally, we all have different tastes and you may end up a some goodies that are not your style or may be a duplicate of an item you already own -- If so, please share those items with your craft friends and/or donate them to a local school or charity.   My goal is to know that all my goodies will be in new homes, where they will once again be loved and used.

    The proceeds from all sales go toward my medical expenses.  Every time you place an order, you are helping me fight my Cancer Battle!    Thank You!!!

     All packages can now quickly and easily be purchased using the PayPal Buttons I have added to the sale page.   Simply select the package you want to purchase and click the "BUY NOW" Button, which will take you directly to a PayPal checkout out page.  

Questions?  Please feel free to email me --


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy Summer....

Hi Everyone,
   How are you all doing?  I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Summer and I hope we all have a wonderful Summer with lots of gorgeous blue skies and sunshine.  Today, is one of those beautiful days here in Massachusetts.   Our weather has actually been unseasonably cool for June and we've had a lot of cloudy days, but not a lot of rain.    

    As for me, I'm still fighting this miserable Cancer and have been feeling really lousy for the past couple of weeks.   I am suffering from the side-effects associated with treatments and as this point, I am no longer planning to have any more "Opdivo" which is the Immunotherapy drug that I've been having since late in December.   As of last week, I have had (12) Infusions and was doing well with it for the first 5 or 6, but since that time, it's wiped me out.   Extreme fatigue, nausea, GI issues and so on and the side effects get worse with each Infusion.  At first, I would only feel lousy for a few days after each one (they are bi-weekly), but now, I'm pretty much sick the entire time.   I have spent countless hours in bed, mostly sleeping, just trying to gain some energy and feel better.   UGH!  Not fun and not at all how I want to spend my life, which is why I decided to stop it.  There is not point in taking a drug that makes you spend your life in bed-that is NO quality of life.

    There is a chance that I may be able to stop (any and all treatments) for six weeks (maybe longer), but that all depends on the results of a new lung biopsy, that I need to have done.  I'll be having that on Friday (by Bronchoscopy), and hope it goes very well.   My latest CT Scan, sadly, showed some new nodules (although tiny), and we need to determine whether or not they are Cancer.  If they are NOT, then my Oncologist plans to give me this long treatment break, so I can try to enjoy summer and build up some strength.  If however, they are cancer, that means that the cancer has once again some back and I will need to consider other treatment option.  Unfortunately, they are not a lot of options for Stage IV Lung Cancer, especially since I already had Chemo and Radiation.  But, I'm not giving up and still hoping for something that can work for me.   I was told from day one that my Cancer being late stage, was never curable, but treatable !   Now, we simply need to find another treatment option.    

     I honesty just want to start to feel better, so I can enjoy my life and have some fun.  I miss creating, but simply have no energy.    Oh and speaking of creating, I took down my "Goodies for Sale" page, as that was too much for me to handle, right now.  Maybe in time, I'll open another one, but it's just too much for me right now.     Even so, I still need to find a way to "sell" off a huge amount of goodies.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share.    Special thanks to everyone who did buy "Goodies" for the last couple of months, I truly appreciate your kindness and they money was very helpful in paying some of medical expenses.    

   As always thanks for stopping by-have a wonderful Summer...and as always - Happy Crafting!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Taking a little break....

Hello Friends,

     Happy June -- WOW!  Where does the time go!    I'm doing okay, basically taking One Day at a Time in my Cancer Battle.  I had my 12th Opdivo Infusion this week and today it's really started to hit me, (which is typical).  I'll need lots of extra rest and will also need to close my "Goodies for Sale" page for the next few days.  If all goes well, I plan to open it again next week.  

        I want to once again say a HUGE Thank You to  everyone who has shopped with me.  As of this now, ALL Paid orders have shipped and the last two will ship as as soon as your PayPal payments clear, they are all packaged and ready to go!!   Thank you!!

       A special THANK YOU to Connie Brooks who very kindly took the time to promote my sale in the "Selling your Craft Supplies" Facebook group!   That post brought in several new sales this week and I'm very grateful to Connie for her kind words.  She has shopped with me many times now and is a sweet and kind friend, who has gone out of her way to do some very specials things for me!  Thank you again Connie--for everything!   

        It really makes me feel good to know that these items will now once again be used and well-loved!   Happy Creating!!

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of a wonderful Summer!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Goodies for Sale Page is open again!!

Hi Friends,
  Just wanted to once again THANK YOU for all your purchases.   I added several new items on my Goodies for Sale page and I also reduced prices on some of the items which have not sold.

    I accept only PayPal payments.  My apologies, but I simply do not get out to a bank and we do ALL our banking online.  Additionally, I am now shipping to the USA Only - I ship exclusively from my home and ship all orders via USPS First Class or Priority Mail.  Thanks for your understanding.

     The Cancer battle continues and is truly a challenge, as I am extremely fatigued, but still fighting hard.   I am thrilled that the MRI I had on Wednesday, was absolutely fine!   There is NO sign of the  tumor or any new issues.   My CT Scan showed some tiny new lung"nodules", but they may simply be an "after effect" of the Radiation treatments I had in November!   My Oncologist is presenting my "Case" at the "Oncology Board Team" meeting on Monday, to determine what is next, as far as treatments go.  Taking One Day at a Time and hoping for this best.  Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes, happy thoughts and all the wonderful handmade cards that continue to arrive in my mail, they quickly make a bad day, so much brighter!

      Now, more than I ever, it's so important to me to sell more of my Craft things --  I truly want them all to be in a new home where they will be loved and used.  I have two rooms full of craft goodies to go through, and it's taking time, but I'm working hard to add new things every couple of days.

    If you would like to order or if there are any particular items you are looking for, please feel free to email me -  Thank you!  

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hello Friends,

   Nothing too much new here, but I do have several medical appointments coming up and will be very busy this next week, plus then recovering from all the tests, 
as well as another "Opdivo" infusion.

Thanks so much again to everyone who has shopped with me.  As of this now, ALL, orders have shipped and been received.   I also want say THANK YOU for the kind emails so many of you have sent to tell me your packages have arrived and how pleased you have been with your purchases.  It really makes me feel good to know that these items will now once again be loved and used 
to create some fabulous new projects.

Hope you are all enjoying Spring!!
We are finally having some nice Sunny and Warm weather, 
which is such a blessing after a lot of cold and rainy days.

Happy Creating and again, thanks for your support!!

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