Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Checking in....New things...

   Sorry I have not been posting! Sadly, my bad HIP has kind of taken over my life and at this point, and it's not causing me pain to simply try and sit at my craft desk..which is the worst.  I LOVE to create and spending time card-making has also been my little form of "therapy" and relaxation and an escape from the daily down side of living with Fibromyalgia.  Now, having this added discomfort and not being able to sit very long, has really put a damper on doing a whole lot.  At this point, I'm very ready to have my hip replacement surgery, not only to alleviate this pain, but also to feel better, get back to walking and being more mobile and also most of all, to be feel good and feel well enough to create, which I MISS so much.  Thankfully, mu surgery is only a few weeks away now and with all the appointments I have to take care of,  have a lot to get done and I'm sure the time will fly by.   I'm also feeling a bit better, now that our temps have risen a bit and are more seasonable.  We even had a day in the mid 40's this week and for January that feels really good.   The bitter cold days were brutal and that cold, really hurt me physically more than ever before.  I can only hope that next winter will NOT be nearly as bad, once I have my new "titanium" hip!   Yay!

     This post is an update of what I have been doing, along with some fun new things that I wanted to share~!   Happy things that are keeping me busy, and also helping to pass the time until I have my actual surgery.   I can't wait!   I am dying for Spring and know that once Spring arrives, the surgery will be behind me, I should be feeling MUCH better and be able to get out and walk, more like my old self again!   Woohoo!  

    Happily, there is a brand new class starting next Monday, (January 24th) in the fabulous Online Card Classroom !  It's called "Clean & Simple 4" -- Techniques Made Simple -- and I am very happy and excited to already be enrolled.  I know I may not be able to participate too much, right now -- (My hip has decided that be even more painful when I set, so I am struggling to do any cardmaking ), but I know I can sit back watch the videos and play along later.  I LOVE these classes sand have taken EVERY one.   Hope to see you there and already know many of my "online" craft friends are signed up too!  YAY!

     I'm still trying to play in some of my favorite challenges from time to time and did enjoy the last "Hero Arts Flickr Group" Scramble, which was the 100th -- Imagine that!   These are the two card I made, and our theme was to use your all time favorite Hero goodies and that in itself is a challenge, since I am SUCH a huge Hero Fan.   In the end, I did get two cards done and did use two of my many favorites, including my "signature" color -- Purple~

    And speaking of my beloved  Hero Arts  have you seen the new Catalog --- I'm in LOVE with this release, and think it's by far, one of the best in a while.  I can hardly wait for these goodies to be in stock over a a2z Scrapbooking Store.   BTW --- Instead of stepping down from the a2z Design Team, until after my surgery, I've had the opportunity to now be part of the team again, and am NOW instead on a little leave, basically like a Medical leave of absence and I love it.  I really missed the daily interaction with all the DT members and now love being part of the group again.  I am also looking forward to being back to creating again very soon....hopefully as soon as I am more mobile and can sit at my desk and create again!    In the meantime, that means you use my DT Promo Code - LISAH15, to save you 15% on any and ALL orders of $25 and up, (excluding shipping)!  Simply enter the code to your cart during the check out process.  The promo CAN be used for all the brand new products too.   WooHoo!  I'l be sharing updates, as soon as the new goodies are all in the store, but be sure to stop by often and check out the latest new products along with more stock that has been added to the special "Sale/Clearance" section.

a2z Scrapbooking Store

      Plus, there is always a chance to win a Gift Certificate to the store, for playing in our monthly challenges on the a2z Blog.   This month's challenge and details can be found HERE!   Be sure to always use at LEAST one main Hero product and follow the current theme to be eligible to win.  Our them for January is "New to You" -- we love to see your using your NEW Hero Arts products !  I

      And on the topic of challenges, did you know that Simon Says Stamp has a new Flickr Group, well the group is not so new, but they NOW also host a monthly Challenge at the Flickr group in addition to their Monday and Wednesday weekly Blog Challenge.  You can join the group HERE and enter their current challenge too --- This month's theme is "Spots and Dots" and I must get my own card done and entered soon.  I'm a huge fan of Polka dots and also a fan of the SSS exclusive products  -- they are Hero are pretty much my all time favorites and I love combining the two together!

   I also attended a fun little Amuse workshop this past weekend here in town.  I have a friend, "Tobey" who is an Amuse Demo and also a local Inn Owner, who hosts Scrap/Craft Retreats at the Inn along with monthly Amuse Workshops.  If you are every in the area, or would like to shop for Amuse, you can find Tobeys' Amuse Online Store at this LINK!   And the next link will take you to her Inn -- The Linden Tree Inn, which is so quaint and a wonderful Bed and Breakfast!!   

    So that's my update --- everything else is pretty good.  The dogs are all doing pretty well.  Scout, my Senior boy is now being treated for Cushing's Disease, which we hope will make him feel better soon.  Skye and Zeva are very happy, but do miss getting out.  THEY hate the cold and prefer being snuggled in their beds or on the couch near the wood stove...especially on the really cold days.  We all are hoping that Winter will be over soon and that Spring comes early this year!  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Shake, Shake, Shake....

.....you would think after watching tons of videos on creating "shaker cards" that it would be something that would be easy.  After all, they've become quite popular and have been all around blog land for the past several months.  Even today, one of my favorite designers "Jennifer McGuire" shared a new version on her blog.

    But, let me tell ya, that these are NOT easy to make --- at least not for me and especially when instead of following along with one of these wonderful videos, I decided to go for it "blind' and make from my Memory...LOL!   Yes, you can laugh, because I have no memory as I quickly learned again today.

    You can be sure that should I EVER decide to make anther shaker card, Ill be certain to do so by following a video...no more of this from "memory" stuff...that's for sure.   I can however say that the end result is NOT nearly as bad as  thought it would be.  There are a LOT of "mistakes" but I think I did a pretty good job of hiding them with my design.

    And WHY did I even make this card -- well that's all because of the fabulous MUSE card that Vicki shared as the inspiration for this weeks' challenge!  Love Love Love it and seeing hte red, white and black I was determined to try one and go with a Valentine them, using one of my newest die sets "Stitched Heart Dies" from SSS!

Vicki's Fantastic Card

My Card

   In addiction to the MUSE Challenge, I am also entering this "shaker" to these fun new challenges  Please feel free to come on over and play along!
    I am happy and excited that I have finally taking on the "challenge" of creating a shaker card.  Not sure what made me wait so long?  Probably because I do NOT see them as EASY or very CAS cards and right now those are my favorites.  I do like how it worked out and hope the IF I do try another one, I will learn from my first trial and it will be even easier.



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

    I am so happy that 2014 is now in the past and very much looking forward to a much happier and healthier 2015.   I am thankful that I'll soon be having surgery and hope that once I am on the mend, that it will be the beginning of a fabulous New Year, full of lots of good things and great health.

    Today, I am actually excited to be here to share a new card, especially since my ability to create is very limited these days.  I wanted to start fresh for the New Year and make a card that I could enter into a few of my favorite challenges.  If you know me, you know that I really LOVE taking part in challenges and it's my little way of practicing my card-making skills and also a way to help me come up with new card ideas.

     This card not only incorporates ideas from a few different challenges, but also has been breaking out some of my "newest" craft goodies, most of which I am using for the very first time today.   The first of which, is the latest "January Card Kit" from Simon Say Stamp, which I absolutely LOVE. Sadly, it's also the last kit I'll be buying for a while, as I am now focusing on a new goal of ONLY buying "Craft" supplies that I really need or those that will be replacing something I am tossing or purging from my stash.   This is NOT going to be easy, but since I have fallen so far behind on trying to finish my new craft room along with trying to totally organizing all my things.  I'm still purging "big time" and will be donating several more boxes of supplies, all to "Little Paws Dachshund Rescue", who will be selling then at upcoming craft fairs and during the fund-raising yard sales!    I am determined to be very successful at this new "GOAL" for 2015 and also feel it's necessity.  I have SO much right now, that I am totally overwhelmed with the task or organizing ...and that in itself is why I really am happy about this.

     Once I am all organized and have my new room, all neat and tidy, I am sure, I'll slowly continue to purge and then in time, will add some new things to my collection, but for now, its' simply crazy and has become a very bad and expensive habit.  I am also focusing on being debt free and no long want to use Credit cards to make ANY purchases...something that also is a huge goal and must do for me.

   Today, i'm delighted to share my first card for 2015, along with all the fun supplies I used to create it.  It's a card that showcases my signature color "Purple" and also uses many of my favorite product lines.   It's a Thank You card, perfect to use to stay thanks to my family and friends for some fabulous Christmas Gifts.

Card Ingredients:

Purple Ribbon/Stash
Purple and White Cardstock/Stash

  And these are the new Challenges where I am submitting my first card of 2015.   I invite you al to join me and play along:

    Oh and the one the thing I will still plan to do is take more classes and workshops though-tout the year, both online and at my LSS.   I am already excited about the brand new "CAS 4 -- Techniques Made Simple" class that starts later this month.  I am already enrolled and can hardly wait for this to begin.   Clean and Simple is now my favorite style of card-making and I have taken every class every offered at the fabulous Online Card Classroom - Love these classes!  If you would like more details or to sign up, please go to this link!   Hope to see you there!    Class starts on January 26th!!

  Wishing everyone a Very Happy, Healthy, Fun and Loving 2015!  May it be a wonderful New Year for us ALL!!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

WONDERFUL News! Happiness all around!

   Hi everyone !   Sorry that I am been MIA for awhile, but very excited to be here today and hopee that before long I'll be back to my "normal" activities and routine in life.   It's been so crazy lately, so believe me, I can't wait to have time to simply sit down, create and post!  It was a JOY to work on a card yesterday and I'm happy to be here to share it with you today!   I was all set to post it late yesterday afternoon, but then found out some really HAPPY news that took my focus off of that for a bit!   It's all good news and all about a sweet little lost dog, who had been missing in my area for the last 11 days!!

    I am SO happy to announce that  little "Benji" was finally found late yesterday afternoon, with two young boys who didn't even know he was missing.  Luckily, he seemed to be drawn to them and they were all in a little "fenced" in playground.   One of the many amazing community members that had been looking for him, received a phone call from a friend, who thought she may have seen him with these boys at the area...then very quickly a gal who lives nearby went there and sure enough, it was Little Benji, who battled out there all alone for 11 days in the the rain and cold!   Thank goodnes for our rather 'mild' weather, otherwise this outcome could have been so much worse!

Benji - Photo from his "Lost" flyer!!

...and Benji Today....a bit thinner,
but otherwise looking awesome!!

   He is only 10 months old, and is brand new to this area.   The very first day here, he "bolted" out of his new yard and the search was on!   Unfortunately and for reasons I don't know if I will ever understand, his "new family" did not work with any of the man volunteers who spent countless hours looking for him.   They would not put their phone number on his lost poster, they closed down their Facebook page and totally shut out all those trying to help.   It was ALL so sad...and very upsetting....!  I tried to reach out and tell them about all the available resources I knew about and sadly, they never responded.  That's when a local person stepped up, found a lost dog white, where you could 'print' flyers and filled it out with what info we had.   We all kept in touch through a local Lost Dogs Facebook page and he was sighted every day.   One gal, (Cynthia), who is part of a local rescue, even volunteered to have her number posted to the Flyer, along with one of our local Vet offices.   I am so thankful to them both for caring so MUCH.    THANK YOU~~!

  Granted, we do not know both sides of the story, but ALL we were told is that the "they" the family, felt "attacked" by some people in the very beginning?  Why or how this happened, I have NO clue and so no sign on this?   Even so, it's old news NOW and I don't' care...I ONLY care about Benji and am delighted he is Safe.  Why his family, never posted flyers or used the outsources offered to them is beyond me.  I know IF either of my dogs were EVER lost, I would be SO grateful for ANY and ALL help...but again...I do NOT know what they were thinking of WHO they are?   ALL we know is we all felt SHUT out, despite all we did to help find this sweet baby.   This was by FAR the most upsetting and saddest story I have ever been part of and I PRAY I never have to feel that way ebery again.     That part broke my heart and still does and I hope some day, they will explain WHY they did NOT help us and why they shut us ALL out?  ALL everyone wanted was to save him?   He escaped from their yard within hours of arriving here?  He did NOT even have a collar on, nor was he on a leash?     Again, the circumstances are ALL so confusing, but ALL that really matters to ME is that he is safe and SOUND!

     I have now put that behind me and will continue to PRAY he is safe and sound.  He was seen bya local vet and other than needing to eat and put on some weight, and take antibiotics for a minor bladder infection, he is doing great.  He spend last might in a Foster Home, to the best of my understanding....we are NOT sure if and when he will be reunited with this family?  Many people do NOT want him going back, and are fearful for his long term life and safely.   I admit, felt that way too, but I am trying to learn the whole story and then decide.   ALL I want is to know that he will be SAFE, cherished and given lots of LOVE...forever!   I pray that if they decide they still want him, they will be sure to fix their fence and not allow him to be out alone in an area when he can escape.  I hope they buy him a nice collar and leash and USE it, until their yard is safe for him and until he has time to bond and know them.  I would be happy to buy him a leash or collar, if needed!   I can't begin to express how happy I am to know he's safe.  It was such a JOY to take down the the LOST DOG flyers that I had posted this morning and to know he slept in a warm home last night.   If you LOVE pets like me, please keep him in your thoughts and HOPE is NOW safe and sound forever!!   My special thanks to everyone who has been a part of his story...You are all Heroes and I do HOPE we can all do something special for the two boys, who played such a huge role in his rescue.  Clearly we was comfy with them and had RUN form every other person, who tried hard to save him.  Thanks also to Rhonda, one of the gals who searched and was the one to FINALLY find them with the boys. Thanks also to the Rescue for keeping him safe and to Dr. Lockwood for examining him.   And a huge thank you to ALL who cared and worked so hard to find him....you guys ROCK!!!

   And for some more awesome news -- a deal local friend, Lisa aka "That Nutty Redhead", has now met the goal she has been trying to raise through KickStarter to make her Gourmet Nut Business a HUGE Success.   Her goal was met this morning, just three days before it would have ended and she would have lost her chances!!   I am SO happy to be one of the many who Pledged for her and can't wait to see the new packaging that she needed to have designed to have her "delicious" nut added as a product at Whole Foods....yes, that's right, "Whole Foods" wants to sell her nuts and will be, now that she successfully raised the funds needed for her product packaging.  You can read all about Lisa and her amazing story HERE!  WOOHOO!!   Just goes to show that there truly are A LOT of caring people out there and I'm so happy that so many stepped out to save Benji and also make Lisa's goal a reality~~~ !!  YOU all are awesome and I am LIVING all this very HAPPY news!   I am so honored and proud to live in such a caring community ---!  I am also thrilled that people from all over have helped Lisa, even people she has never met --- You are all awesome!!

   SO...as you can tell, I could NOT be feeling HAPPIER today and it's a JOY to have such amazing and great news to share!  

   On a more personal note, I'm still battling with Fibro and hip pain and can hardly wait for my hip surgery to be behind me.  I'm also super happy that I'll have a chance to see Brian, when home comes home !  I had a fabulous Christmas and want to say special thanks to Alex and Acacia for hosting us on Christmas morning.  Another shout out to Patty and Mike for a great time at their home Christmas Eve and we will look forward to dinner with them, along with our my BFF, Julie on New Year's Eve!

    Lastly, and as started to tell you at the very beginning of this long and HAPPY post, I did manage to make a new card, first one in ages again and it was totally inspired by the latest "Cas(E) This Sketch Challenge, which you'll find Here.   I loved the sketch and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to make a card, using one of my brand new "HUGS" dies, that I just bought from PTI. -- "Hugs" is my all time favorite sentiment and I was trilled to add the set, along with this matching stamp set to my stash.

CTS #104

My "Hugs" Card

   As you can see I not only used my favorite sentiment, but also used my favorite color "Purple" of course.   I am hoping to get back to even more card-making this coming week and am actually excited to that the Holidays are almost all over, so that I will have lots of free time.  I still need to complete my new room (organizing) and also finish the major purge that I have been working on for months.  I have managed to get a LOT done and am VERY happy that my for,er craftroom, is back to being our upstairs Den.  The painting is all done, we have new blinds and window treatments and a few other things all done.  Santa bought me a nice 32" TV that I'm looking forward to using while I am recovering.  It's basically to use for Movies and Internet only and I already have watched some of my favorite crafty You-Tubes videos on it...!  I also ordered a wireless keyboard for it and we think we'll may add a Netflix to that TV -- Time will tell.  Right now we're using the free trials and need to decide which is best.  I don't' think I want to deal with adding another DirecTV cable or another box...to me it's not worth the extra charges and I think I'l be quite happy with all I can do using the WiFi Internet options!
   Sure HOPE you all had a very nice Christmas and that you also have lots of HAPPINESS in your life!   I'm thrilled that 2014 seems to be ending in a very happy way~WOOHOO!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Merry Christmas....

.... We are happy to stop by and take a moment to WISH you all a Magical Christmas!  I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends!  I am looking forward to a very nice, yet casl and relaxing day.

     Sharing some pictures of my "Babies" all deck out in their new Christmas attire.  Starting with Mr. Scout, my eleven year old boy, who is SO mad at me for putting him in his "I LOVE Santa" sweater...he looks so cute, but hates any clothes ~  he would NOT even look at ME or the camera....

And next are his little Sisters, starting with Skye, who was the first we adopted, when she was 14 weeks old.   She's a little Chiweenie and is VERY attached to her Mom.   When I went out to San Diego to visit Brian and Meghan, she would not go upstairs (to bed) for the first three nights.  She stayed downstairs, in her favorite spot on the couch, waiting for me to come back.  I felt so bad, but luckily after that, she did fine~~

And our third pup, is Zeva, who we adopted the day she and Skye turned 9 months old.  Once I realized she still had never found her Forever home, it knew it was meant to be with us.  She's the tiny girl of the family and is a Daddy's' girl.   She loves to sit on the couch with Hubby at night, but is also loves me too.   They both love their older brother and will often snuggle up next to him in his bed.  They act like little Mom's and take care of him, when he's not feeling so hot.....

  These Pups and my two Sons -- will always be the "babes" in my life and I will LOVE and cherish them forever!   No one can make me smile or as happy as they can!!   It's the best LOVE in the whole world -- that of a Mom and Children -- even the furry kind~~

   Hugs to YOU all -  from us ALL!

   Hope Santa is very good to you and you have a 
wonderful and very loving Christmas!!

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Purple is my favorite color and ironically - Purple is the Awareness Ribbon color for Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness I now live with. I am a Mom to two grown sons, Alex who is now 22, and Brian amazingly is 27, now happily married to Meghan, my new "daughter" and living across the country in beautiful San Diego. I miss them so much and am looking forward to visiting them again soon. Hubby, me and our three "Pups" (Scout, a Senior Male Dachshund, along with Skye and Zeva, two adorable Chiweenies, who we rescued in 2013), all live very happily in a tiny coastal town in Massachusetts. I am very lucky to be blessed with wonderful friends and I adore and cherish each of my friends as much as my family! I am an avid card-maker and totally love every minute I can spend in my craft room. It's become my passion, a wonderful way to relax and my own little form of therapy. I also enjoy taking online card classes and technique classes at my LSS. Some day, I hope to get away from the cold New England winters and would love to live in a much warmer year round climate. Maybe even San Diego, but never too far from the ocean.