Friday, November 11, 2016

To all our Veterans!!

Thank you for your Service!
“Never give in — never, never, never, never, 
in nothing great or small, 
 large or petty, never give in except to 
convictions of honor and good sense. 
Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently 
overwhelming might of the enemy.”
  Winston Churchill

Sunday, October 16, 2016

More goodies for sale....

   Hi everyone!  Hope you are all fine and well!!   I finally took the time to package up more of my "Purple Packages" to sell, along with a few other items.   Everything is listed on the "Purple Packages" page and you can buy everything offered using the PayPal Buttons.   These typically sell out in a few days and as always are First Come / First Serve. - My sincere thanks for your wonderful support and also all the positive feedback I have received on the packages.   I appreciate you all very much and am happy to know that all my goodies will be well loved and used!!    I am also selling a Misti Package and a brand new set of Dr. Ph. Martin Inks, they are also listed on the Purple Package Page with pictures and more details.

     As for me, I'm doing okay -- still fighting the dreadful Cancer Battle and taking each day as the come.   I am scheduled for my latest round of CT Scans this week which is always a bit stressful.   In early September, due to side effects from my Opdivo, (Immunotherpay Infusions), I developed Pneumonia, which required me to stop treatment, once again.  This is the third time I have had issues with side effects that are known to cause Pneumonia / Pneumonitis.   Thankfully, mine has been low grade,  (asymptomatic) and has not required hospitalization or any steroid treatment.    But, it's is a bit nerve wrecking to have Cancer and not be able to treat it.   As you may remember I've already been through Chemo and Radiation and even though I was cancer free last summer for a short time, the Chemo stopped working, which often happens with Stage IV Cancer.    Currently, this is the ONLY available treatment and despite the side effects, it has worked well in reducing the size of my lung tumor and has kept the cancer from spreading.  I'm also grateful that the specialized form of radiation I had for my brain tumor, worked perfectly and there has been no recurrence of that!    If the scans are clean and the pneumonia is gone, then I will be able to re-start my treatment again.  If not, (well I don't want to go there now), but it will not be good and may mean that I will need to consider a clinical trial) and to be honest, having had such issues with FDA approved treatments, a trial is very scary!  So for now, I plan to remain very positive!!  I am still determined to fight this battle and continue to hope every day for a new treatment option or cure.   

    Sadly, my Oncologist, who I adore, will be leaving this area and when I see her Wednesday it will be our last appointment.   I literally cried when she told me last month and I know I'm going to miss her terribly!   It's hard enough to be in this battle, but even worse if you do not feel 100% confident with your team. Thankfully because of the close relationship we have established she plans to give me her private email and told me that I can feel free to keep in touch and contact her with any questions or concerns that may come up.   She will now be affiliated with Dana Farber Cancer Institute, which is a fantastic opportunity for her and know this is really a wonderful thing for her, so in that way I am happy, but still wish she wasn't' leaving.   She will now be more focused on research, particularly Thoracic Oncology which is perfect for me.    Dana Farber (Boston) is where I went for my second opinions, when I was originally diagnosed.   She will be in their South Shore division, which is even further away.   I do plan to keep in touch and won't hesitate to travel to see her, as needed for second opinions.   However, it's simply much to far to travel for my bi-weekly appointments, labs, tests and infusions.   I love that I ahve been able to have my care at my local hospital, (I once worked there, so I knew it well and feel so comfy there). I also really love their Oncology unit and the nursing staff.  To have to commute 4-5 hours (round trip) is simply not an option.  Sigh....   

     I still miss creating very much, and really had hoped by now I would have more energy, and start again, but that is not happening.  I still have lots of goodies to sell and will continue to fill boxes and add them to my blog.   If you are looking for any particular items, please feel free to contact me.    

Thanks as always for stopping by and for your caring thoughts!!  Big Hugs to you ALL!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy News!!!!

I am very happy and excited to let you all know that I has the pleasure of going with Alex, (my son) and Acacia (my Daughter-in-Law) to her Ultrasound on Friday.   We have been waiting patiently for a long time for this one because we knew that it would be very likely they 
would be able to find out if the baby is a Boy or Girl!!

And I'm delighted to tell you all that they are expecting a 
Sweet, Adorable, Healthy and Active - Baby GIRL!!

  As a Mom who has raised two son (who I LOVE with all my heart), and having lost my only daughter as a stillborn, I had been hoping that we would be adding a baby girl into our lives.   Ultimately, all we really wanted was a Healthy Baby, but I admit I am "Tickled Pink" to know that it's going to be a Baby Girl.

   Today, I had my first "Baby Girl" online shopping spree and it was so much fun.   I found so many adorable outfits and now can hardly wait for this sweet baby to be born.    Acacia is halfway through her Pregnancy now and is due on February 18th.   Both she and Alex have birthday's on the the 16th of the month and were also married on the 16th, so we think it would be extra special if this baby arrived on the 16th too!!

    I am thrilled that I'm finally going to have my very first Grandchild, and will continue to fight my cancer battle and be here to love and cherish her for a long time.  



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remember 911

   In many ways it does not seem possible that 15 years had passed since the horrific events of 911.  I can still remember exactly where I was that beautiful September morning.   And I will never ever forget the fear and shock of seeing it all unfold that day on TV.   I remember how much I just wanted my family to all be home that day and was so happy when the kids arrived home from school and then my husband from work.   It was definitely one of the most difficult days of my life.

   My heart goes out to each and every family that was touched and hurt by the awful acts of terrorism and I hope and pray that I will never ever see such a tragedy again in my life.  I also HOPE every day for Peace and want very much for the world to be a better place for my children and my soon to be first grandchild.  

    In Loving Memory
of those who lost their lives on
September 11, 2001

And to all those who
reached out to help ......

     Hugs and love to all....


Saturday, September 10, 2016

....Hi everyone....

   I am very sorry for the the lack of updates.  My main computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I still have not had the time or energy to research find a new one.   I also do not really want to spend any money on one, at this time.   I am extremely disappointed with Dell, who has refused to stand behind their products.  Long story short, my computer was only a little over two years old and died very fast, basically right after the warranty ran out and the estimate to try to fix it, is just not worth it.  But, I miss it terribly!   I have an iPad and a small HP laptop, but really am a PC gal and miss my large screen and the ability to type on a normal keyboard.

  I re-started my Opdivo treatments in August, and after only two treatments, developed a sudden high fever, belly pain and other issues which sent me to the ER last Friday night, where I spent six hours having a variety of tests and such.  In the end they determined I have Pneumonia, although it was found very early, but is again and issue that developed because of the Opdivo, so I'm now OFF it again and waiting for the new "plan".  Thankfully, my lung tumor which is in my right lung and is stable.   The pneumonia is in the left and is a mild form (not symptoms other than the fever) which only lasted about 24 hours.   And my cancer had not been found anywhere new and also has not grown despite the lack of treatments, which is my Happy News!!   Even so, I am concerned about where we go from here, since it looks like this treatment will not likely be an option for me now?

    Most of my time has been spent sleeping, as I continue to battle relentless fatigue, partly from the Opdivo, partly from the Cancer, some from the Pneumonia and of course, the Fibromyalgia that I have been battling with for several years now.   Life is NOT very fun these days and I have had some really down and depressed days, as you can imagine.

    My oldest son,  who lives in San Diego, also was hospitalized for a sudden onset of what they first thought was "septic arthritis" in his knee and that was very stressful for me, being across the country and not knowing how he was.   Now we know it is a very rare viral type arthritis likely caused by a food borne illness (Salmonella, we think), he had just two weeks before he was here.  He was home for a short visit (which I loved), and had been fine, except tired, but the day he was flying home he woke up with knee pain--we never imagined what would follow.  Needless to say his flight home was NOT good.  He is also moving up to (Northern San Diego County) and starting a brand new job.  The timing of all of this is awful and I so wish I had been able to be there when he was sick. Luckily, he kept in touch all the time and his medical team also keep me updated, but it sure is not easy having a child (no matter what age), in the hospital when you are 3,000+ miles away.   He's out now and slowing improving, but it's hard to know he's in pain and I can't wait for him to be settled into his new place, working and doing well again!

    Right now I'm too wiped out to pack up any new "Purple Packages" but really do need to get back to it soon, so please keep checking.   I still have so much to sell, and hope to feel better soon, to get back to that task.   I wish I could just have a huge in home sale and invite you all here?   It's a huge amount of work to do this, especially when you are not feeling good and then do not have your main computer!!  Ugh!!  Life is definitely throwing challenges my way and making it a bit of a struggle, but I still and trying my best!!    One Day at a Time!!

Hope you are ALL much better and please feel free to email me, IF you want or need any crafty things.  I do plan to add more packages and such, but simply need to find the energy to do it!! Thanks for ALL your past support -- your kindness is deeply appreciated!!

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