Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to Treatment....

Hi Everyone,

   First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been purchasing "Craft Goodies" from my blog for the past couple of months.   Your continued kindness and support has been amazing and I'm very grateful to each and every one who has shopped with me.  Many of you have made several purchases and that truly touches my heart.

    As of today, ALL the "Purple Packages" have SOLD OUT, which is perfect timing, as I had planned to close the sales for a bit, since I'm starting treatments again this week.   Amazingly the last six packages all sold this weekend - THANK YOU for your orders!    I won't be adding any  new packages for a few weeks as I need time to totally re-organize and see how much more I can sell via mail.

   Tomorrow, I had back to my Oncology Unit for a very busy week, starting with CT Scans tomorrow morning, which are always a bit stressful.  We all know they are being done to check on the status of my tumor and to make sure there is no growth or anything new and as you can imagine, it's hard waiting each time for the results.    Tuesday, I see my Oncologist for those results and also my latest lab results and if all looks good, the plan will be to restart my Opdivo infusions that day too.  I also go back on Thursday for a follow-up with the Pulmonary Surgeon who did my Bronchoscopy earlier this month and hopefully the "reaction" in my lungs that showed on the test, will now be clear.

    I also have been pretty wiped out again lately, and am very much looking forward to a little break and some down time to totally rest and relax.  Brian, (my son in San Diego), is planning to come home for a little visit in early August and I want to cherish all the time I can with him, while he is here, since I'm not able to travel out and see him, at this time.  I do hope maybe I'll have more energy in the Fall and be able to go back again.  I LOVE San Diego and totally enjoy it when I go, but the travel is exhausting and right now, I'm just to tired for that part.   Alex has been traveling more in his job, and I now miss him a lot more too, so I hope to spend more time with him and Acacia, this week.  He's due home today, so I am very happy about that.

     Wishing you all a wonderful Summer -- Keep on creating and again, Thank you for all your support, kindness and LOVE!    It means the world to me!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Summer!!! Happy News!!!!

Hi Friends.....

   Stopping by to say Hello and wish you all a wonderful Summer.   It's hard to believe that we are already into the second week of July -- times is flying by.    Our Summer has been okay, but we have not had the best of weather, which is sad, since it's such a short season.  Today, it's lovely again, but we just had three days or cloudy, rains and unseasonably cool temps.

    I also wanted to let you know that am currently SOLD OUT of the Large Size "Purplicious" packages, but I do have a limited supply of the Lavender and Amethyst available now on my "Purple Packages" page.  I also have a few dies sets that I came across and realized that they had not been correctly stored with the matching stamps, which were previously sold.  You can find the last few also now on the sale page at greatly reduced prices.    As of today, ALL orders have been shipped and the vast majority have been delivered.   Once I sell what I currently have left in stock, I'm going to be taking a break, as I need to totally organize what I have left to see how much more I want sell and/or plan to keep.  I truly do HOPE to eventually feel better and slowly get back to creating, so I'm going to be sure to keep a good supply of my favorite things.   I already regret selling some of my beloved things, but I am happy to know they will all be well-loved and used!  Please enjoy and please know how much I value each and everyone who has made purchases for the last few months. 

   I also have some SUPER exciting and very HAPPY news to share -- I am going to be a "NANA" !!  Woohoo!   And, I am absolutely thrilled and could not be happier.  If you know me, then you'll know that I've been hoping and waiting for a long time to have a Grandchild and it's been a dream that is not coming true for me.   My son Alex, and his wife Acacia are expecting our first grand baby who is expected to arrive in early February!   This is so special to me and now has me more determined than ever to fight hard to try and win my Cancer Battle.

    Acacia is doing great and feeling pretty well, she's had some nausea and fatigue, as istypical, but overall is very happy and excited.  She has already had her first OB Appointment and goes back this week for her second.   We all realize it's very early, and I admit, I did not plan to tell everyone quite so soon, but am so happy that I could not help by share this wonderful news.   She's also scheduled for her first ultrasound later this month and we are hoping at that time, they can find out if they'll be having a Boy or Girl.  Having raised two sons, I would love to have a sweet little Girl in our lives, but ultimately we truly want a very healthy and happy baby.

    Acacia sent me this special gift and I have it proudly displayed in my craft room - it touched my heart and she and Alex know how thrilled I am for them both.   Her parents are equally as happy and they have two sweet little Grandsons, so they would also very quite happy with a  Grand-daughter.  Think PINK!!

   As for me, I have been feeling okay and it was nice to have a six week treatment break, the very first one, since I was diagnosed, last March.  It's hard to believe some days, that I've been in the battle for well over a year now and I continue to hope everyone for a cure.  I'm due for my next round of CT Scans on Monday, and see my Oncologist on Tuesday for the results and for updated labs.  I also have a follow up with my Pulmonary Surgeon on Thursday and expect to be started back on the Opdivo Infusion next week too.

   I'm also delighted that Brian will be coming home for a visit in early August.  I can't wait to see him and also hope that I can get back out to San Diego in the Fall.   I have not been out there since February and after making five trips last year, I really miss it.  I love it out there and always looks forward to visiting him, but just have not felt well enough to travel for the past few months.     

   So, as you can tell, I have lots of Happiness in my life right now and lots of wonderful things to look forward too, which is perfect for me.  It gives me hope and encouragement and that extra push I sometimes need to keep on fighting.   

   Big Hugs to you all and my sincere thanks for all the kindness and support you have shared with me for the past 16 months.  I still have a tough battle, but I'm now more determined than ever to beat this nasty illness so that I can spend lots of time loving my new Grand-baby!!! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th!! -- Purple Packages are BACK!!

     Wishing everyone a very Happy and Safe 4th of July!  I hope you are all enjoying time with your family and friends.
      In our little Town, they celebrate the 4th starting with the Annual Fireman's Parade,  followed by a Legion Band Concert and then a Bonfire on "Back Beach".  

 Rockport, MA

 Bonfire 2016

Past Bonfire

     In Gloucester, (the next town over and where I grew up) there are two parades.  The main parade, is always on the 3rd and is known as the Fishtown Horribles Parade, followed by Fireworks at Dusk over the Gloucester Harbor.

Fishtown Horribles Parade
Stacy Boulevard, Gloucester, MA

Fireworks 2016
Gloucester Harbor

     And there is a very fun little neighborhood parade called the "Lanesville Parade" that is held on the 4th of July in the "Lanesville" section of Gloucester, (where I grew up).  This parade is bittersweet to me, as my brother Greg, (who I lost in 1999 in a tragic accident), was one of the original founders.   This marks their 25th year.  For many years, this parade was followed by a Bonfire in Lane's Cove, sadly the city will no longer allow that tradition to continue.

Lanesville Parade

     I'm still not feeling so hot, so I will not be at any of the events this year, but do hope that everyone has a lot of fun.   Hubby is on vacation this week and we'll also celebrate our Anniversary on Friday.  Hoping to feel better and spend some time relaxing and maybe get out for a nice dinner.

      I also wanted to let you all know the my "Purple Packages" are now re-stocked and available for purchase on the Sale Page.  Special thanks again to everyone has already purchased them and been so supportive!   They have been a bit hit and it's hard at times for me to keep them in stock and ready to ship.  This batch is now all ready to go and I can ship again starting tomorrow, July 5th!    

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Still miserable...

I'm still feeling pretty miserable....but slowly improving!!  
However to this illness, I will not be shipping any "Purple Packages" until sometime after the
 4th of July.
I HOPE to feel better the by the weekend so that I can try to get out and enjoy 
some fun time with family and friends.

ALL orders have been shipped -- and tracking details have been sent.
Thanks for your continue support!  Still taking One Day at a Time!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A little update....

   Feeling really lousy and have been basically in bed for the past day ~ hoping this will pass quickly~UGH! 

   I shipped out two Purple Packages this morning and my last order will go out tomorrow morning.   I am also now currently "Out of Stock" on ALL the Purple Packages.   As soon as I am
feeling better, I'll have more back in stock.

   Thank so much for your continued Kindness and Support!

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