Thursday, August 27, 2015

There's a New CLASS coming up!

.....and it's a follow-up to one of my all time FAVORITE classes over at the "Online Card Classroom"  - It's called "Watercolors for Cardmakers - Exploring Mediums" and will be the perfect addition to the first Watercolor class hosted earlier this year!  

  As always, I highly recommend all the classes that Jennifer and Kristina offer!  And, I can tell you from my own personal experience these classes are the BEST!  I have taken EVERY one and have NEVER been at all disappointed.  I always look forward the next class.  

This class starts on September 21st, however the class doors, discounts and information posts will all start on August 31st.  And if you sign NOW using this information you can save $2 off the class.  Be sure to SIGN up for the class Newsletters, so that you will also receive the discount promo each time a new class is announced!!

Use the discount code water2off and enroll by September 9, 2015!!

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Such a Creative DAY!!

I am feeling fabulous and having a wonderful day in my craft room!   It's been so long since I have felt this good and had the stamina and ability to create this many cards and also play in so many of  my favorite challenges!

Today is awesome and I'm so excited to share my latest cards with you now!   Hope you all are know how much you mean to me and how all your LOVE, Support, Kindness and Inspiration has helped me WIN my Cancer Battle!!

Just a Note!
Created for the "Cas(E) This Sketch Challenge!

Inspiration Card

My Card

These two cards were created and submitted to a Facebook Group Challenge in the Stamping Enablers Group and were based on this awesome Mood Board, which showcases my favorite colors!!  PURPLE, of course and teal!!

And next we have this fun card created for the "Plaid" challenge over at CASology!

And last, this cute little card which reminds me of a wonderful little place I love to visit when I'm in San Diego. It's an open-air restaurant/pub that is located in Pet-Co Park, called "Fairweather"!  They have the most wonderful frozen "Pina Coladas" and it also happens to be managed by my son, Brian and is one of the many fantastic places owned by Consortium Holdings the fantastic group that Brian works for!   If you are even in San Diego, be sure to check out their amazing restaurants and pubs!  And if you visit Rare Form or Fairweather...ask for Brian and tell him you are a "Craft Friend" to me, his MOM!  

 I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him again when we visit next for Thanksgiving!  The will be a family trip and I am excited that we are bring my younger son, Alex and his "Fiance" Acacia along with us!   W'ell have so much fun and it'll be the first time we have shared this Holiday together in the past four years!  WOOHOO!

Tracey's Inspiration Card

My Card

and a quick view of ALL of today's creations!!!!

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LOVE and HUGS to ALL!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Super NEWS - My Cancer is GONE!!!!!

I went for my MRI yesterday and had my follow-up appointments today and I am so HAPPY to tell you ALL that my CANCER is gone.  Both the lung tumor and the brain tumor are now basically tiny 'blips" on each image, the swelling in my brain is also gone and I am now pretty much  considered to be in "Remission"

I am SO very thankful and grateful.,...not only to my entire medical team, but to my family, my life long friends and all the wonderful gals/guys I have met though the world of creating.  Each of you has played such an important part in helping me fight and WIN this battle.   I love you all so much for the kindness you have shared with me and want you all to know how much it means to me.

I've been showered with good thoughts, lots of love, prayers and support and I am 100% sure that this has all played an vital part in me winning.   Yes, I still have to be followed and all my docs will continue to monitor me very closely, but I'm on the road to recover and it feels fantastic.  I see my local Oncologist (Dr. Sunkara) on September 1st, as my last follow up with her, but will NOT need any more chemo or radiation, at this time.  I'll also be scheduled CT Scans in six months and then will follow up with my Brain Team, at Lahey in Burlington and Peabody!

To say I am delighted is not nearly's almost like I am living in a dream and this almost seems surreal..but its' NOT...its' TRUE and I could NOT feel more blessed or happy!

THANK YOU all for all you have done!   Every word has touched me greatly and I adore each and everyone of you for being here for me and I know you'll continue to support me as I continue to beat this!   I'm a HAPPY and very LUCKY girl!  I swore I would NOT let it win and I would NEVER give up!   Being upbeat and as confident as possible has also played a huge part in this!


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Good News to SHARE!!!

Hi Friends.....

Sorry that I'm behind in updates, I try to keep up, but after a wonderful trip to San Diego, I ended up being pretty darn sick and was on basic bed rest for about ten days.  The good news is that I'm now feeling so much better and my docs think the illness was a side effect of me coming off of steroids.  I am now back on them on a low dose and think this is exactly what I needed.

As for some more WONDERFUL news, I had three CT Scans earlier this week, to check on my Lung tumor to and make certain that this nasty cancer had not spread into my abdomen or pelvic region.  The results were excellent and I found out that my lung tumor is now GONE!   Yippee!   I'll be followed very closely, but for the next few weeks, I do NOT have to have any CHEMO!   Again a great thing.   I see Dr. Sunkara, my local oncologist on September 1st, and at that time, we'll decide what, if any more treatments will may take.

I am also being scheduled for a Brain MRI (which for me, has to be done under sedation).  I'm one of those people who is so extremely claustrophobic that I go into an intense Panic Attack, IF I even try to have an MRI of my head with being "out".   I even failed miserably in an OPEN MRI, whcih was a horrible and very frightening experience for me.  I've learned to be able to now tolerate CT Scans, which as you may know are MUCH more open...more like an open do-nut versus that dreadful tube.  Even so, I have to take "Ativan" but it works for me and allows me to have that test, which is also MUCH faster and easier than any MRI.

CT Scan do now show nearly enough detail of Brain tumors, although I had one in July which did show that my tumor had shrunk...again, YIPPEE!  Now it's time to have the MRI and get the absolute best pictures so we can determine how the brain tumor responded to the specialized radiation I had done back in May.   I will be admitting as a day surgery type patient to Lahey in Burlington sometime this week and have a follow up appointment with both my Brain Physician's - Dr. Omeara and Dr. Dempsey at Lahey in Peabody this coming Friday, August 21st.

In the meantime I can't wait to feel a bit better so I can get back to creating...I MISS it so very much and am looking forward to that.   

I also wanted to share some more exciting news about a new Dachshund Rescue that I am now a part of.  It's called Paw-Affection Dachshund Rescue and was opened by a dear friend, Arleen Guyan who was previously with the rescue where I adopted Skye and Zeva.  Arleen is a gem and a wonderful assent to the Dachshund community.  He has fostered many dogs and is such a kind and caring woman. I've become very attached to here and am honored to be one of her volunteers.  I'll be attending events with her in the Fall, will help with Fundraising and also as of today have -re-opened by ETSY Store where I'll be selling goodies again to raise funds for this wonderful group.  You can LIKE us on Facebook at this link, or also visit our Website!
I also am selling custom leather "dog collars" that were designed for me by Meghan Golden Eastman (my wonderful Daughter), who is the owner of Fold Leather Company.  These custom collars are designed a wonderful soft "Italian Leather" and the most suitably designed for small dogs
like Doxies, Chiweenies, and Chihuahuas etc.

All funds raised from the sale of the collars will go directly the Paw-Affection.  We will also be selling them soon in my Etsy Store, our eBay Store and also at the Dog Events we attend.  A list of the events were are attending can be found on our website.   If you would like to donate to this amazing new rescue, you can do so also on our website, using the PayPal donate link.

 If you would like to buy one from me directly, please send me a message at - or at
and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.  Each collar is adjustable, with a hidden snap closure, please contact me for exact sizes, as they were designed for smaller dogs

  For a limited time, I will sell them to my online friends for a cost of only $22.00 which includes FREE USA Shipping!  If you would like multiple collars, please ask me about a discount!!

Paw-Affection Fundraiser Custom Dog Collars

All proceeds will be donated directly to:
I am truly honored to be part of amazing new Dachshund Rescue and am confident that we will be placing lots of wonderful dogs into new loving and caring homes.  For information on working with us, adopting one of the Paws-Affection Dogs, please visit our site!   We are also looking for new Foster homes, Volunteers and people who want to adopt and help in any way you can!  
  Thank YOU!!
Hugs and love,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A little vacation...

   Not to worry, I am fine and well, but taking a little break from blogging and card-making while I allow my cancer body to heal and feel better.   I had Chemo this week, so it's always a good week to rest up and next week I am heading back to San Diego to see Brian and Meghan and have a totally relaxing little vacation.

    I am still on Facebook and posting some updates there about my treatment and of course, all my favorite crafty things in life.   I do miss being on the a2z Design Team, but have quickly realized it was a decision that was best for me and my health.

    I'm also LOVING the wonderful new goodies that Hero Arts is coming out with and am especially excited about the new Christmas Release, which you can read about on Hero's Blog.  a2z will have all these goodies in the store, late next week sometime and you can bet I'll bet shopping there for the best prices and super fast shipping.

     And on top of that I am very excited about the new "Background Check" that starts Monday over at the Online Card Classroom.    I'm all signed up and ready to go...hope to see you there!! 

     Lastly, I have some exciting news that I will be sharing on August 1st, so please stay tuned!  I think you'll enjoy what I have to tell you.

     Hugs and LOVE to you all for being such kind, caring and supportive!  I really adore all my craft friends very much and am thrilled to have you all in my life.

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Purple is my favorite color and ironically - Purple is the Awareness Ribbon color for Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness I now live with along with a new fight and am now Battling Brain and Lung Cancer, as BATTLE I will win. I have two amazing Medical Teams, along with the LOVE and SUPPORT of ALL may family and friends! I am a Mom to two grown sons, Alex who is now 23, and Brian amazingly is 28 and now living in San Diego. I also have an amazing "Daughter" Meghan, who lives in Del Mar California. . Hubby, me and our three "Pups" (Molly, a Senior Mini Dachshund, along with Skye and Zeva, two adorable Chiweenies, who we rescued in 2013), all live very happily in a tiny coastal town in Massachusetts. We lost our dear "Scoutie" to Cushing's Disease in April of 2015 -- We cherish his Memory every day I miss him dearly. I am very lucky to be blessed with wonderful friends and I adore and cherish each of my friends as much as my family! I am an avid card-maker and totally love every minute I can spend in my craft room. It's become my passion, a wonderful way to relax and my own little form of therapy.