Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yippee!!! last I am pretty much back online and have moved all my files over to my brand new computer, which I am LOVING!!  It's also worked out perfectly since we had another snowstorm yesterday, after a light amount Sunday night and Monday, making this a very easy week to stay inside and get this done!!

    My new computer arrived on Monday, and I had it set up on my craft desk during the time I was slowly moving over each and every file very carefully, so that nothing was lost or missing.  I also had to set up new folders, my email and so much more, but now that it's pretty much all done, I'm thrilled and I'm also LOVING having a wonderful new larger monitor that is also a "Touch Enabled", which reminds me of my iPad and phone.   I also LOVE that I went with an "All in One" unit and no longer have a big tower at my feet.  It's so nice and compact and although the monitor is larger, it really takes up less space overall!

   Now that I have this done, I'm very anxious to get back to creating and actually did put together one very fun CAS card for the newest challenge at CASology.   I had a lot of different ideas some to mind when I first say the new Cue Card and my first thought actually - Hugs and Kisses!!  But, the more I thought about that, I figured it might be pretty popular with Valentine's Day so close, so I tired to come up with something unique -- hope you like it.

My Card

   As you can see my idea was to use "Up and Down" as my key words and I decided to go with little arrows to give the same visual effect, all of which I quickly cut on my Silhouette and then colored up with my Copics.  The word UP is actually colored in a lighter shade of red, but in the photo the two shades look a lot more alike, than they are in person.  DOWN, was colored in R37, a bluish red and UP in R22, and R24, a more pink and orange like red!   The "And" ampersand was colored in Black 100 I also embossed the outside of my card front, in a frame look using the "Stately" Embossing Folder, one of my older folders which is from Craft Concepts.    

     And now I'm heading back to my desk to pick up the mess, not to mention the mess in my entire room, now that I have two computers here!  My son, Alex is going to take the old one, reformat the "Hard Drive" and then put Windows XP back on it (that's HIS favorite Windows OS) and then he's giving it to his girlfriend with his nice 23" monitor that I had borrowed for the last year.  It will be an extra 'back up' to her laptop, which see uses most!!  I'm glad to know it's being put back into use and hope that will resolve some of the ongoing issues I have had with it.   This new system is also wireless ready and a LOT faster, which is such a plus!!

     Tomorrow, I'll be back to more challenges after I have my hair styling appointment and run a few errands.  After being in the house ALL week, I want to get these things done, before our next storm arrives on Sunday!  YUK!!  I am SO ready for Spring and nice warm sunshine and I think it's going to be awhile, before it arrives!!

    In the meantime, I sure am happy to have this amazing hobby to keep my busy and also have lots of time to spend and play with the pups, who also do NOT love the cold or the snow!! 


  1. Clean and graphic - love the bold colours! Thanks for joining us at CASology this week!

  2. Lisa, your card is perfect for this winter...lots of ups and downs with this crazy weather! I can see the different shades of red on the text...very nice effect, and the arrows are a perfect compliment. I adore that embossed frame, too! Thanks for playing along at CASology...we love it when you do!


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